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I Saw Him Crying After He Takes The COVID-19 Vaccine

A young man identified as Hope reveals what happened to Honourable Asiedu Nketaih after taking the COVID-19 vaccine today at one of the centers. Many Ghanaians or popular public figures have been seen on our screens and social media pages taking part in the COVID-19 vaccine.

Early today, popular public figure, Honourable Asiedu Nketaih popularly known as general mosquito was captured at one of the center taking his vaccine to protect himself against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). At the center he was seen squeezing his face as he find it difficult to take the vaccine. Infact, his actions are more than crying over there and it makes a lot of Ghanaians more suspicious about the vaccine.

A young man who was over there revealed that Honourable nearly cried after taking the vaccine and none of them know the reason for him acting in such ways because nothing good can't leave someone in such mood.

Many Ghanaians are still complaining about the COVID-19 vaccine because most of the Africa countries has rejected this same vaccine in entering their country because they don't trust the source of the vaccine. It has been to our notice for a very long time that the white people don't like Africa and it their target to destroy us, so don't you think they can use this opportunity to truck us down?

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