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7 possible reasons for a muscle cramp.

Muscles cramps can happen anywhere in your body at any given time. Muscle cramping can even occur while you are sleeping. In most cases, cramps go away quickly; however, there are things that we can do to help it along. For instance, doing a gentle stretch or massage on the affected muscle area or even applying a heating pad can be a great help.

Stretching helps because our muscles are made up of fibers that when they are exercised, become bigger or smaller. When we stretch these fibers, we are warming them up for work. Just like a car that requires warming up for optimal performance, so to our muscles require warming up before working. This should be done regularly so that they work more easily and efficiently. This helps in avoiding cramping up.

Possible Reasons for A Muscle Cramp

Not Enough Water Intake:

It is extremely important that you maintain a proper daily water intake routine. Dehydration is a fast way to muscle cramping. Through frequent muscle cramps, your body is telling you that it needs more water urgently. Other indicators of dehydration are dizzy spells, frequent headaches, along with frequent constipation. A good way to make sure that you get your daily intake of water, is to drink a full 32 ounce as soon as you get up in the morning and through out the rest your day sip on a gallon; especially during the hotter season.

Being in High Temperatures:

If you work outdoors, your body will lose fluids through sweating. If you exercise in a heated room or air-conditioned room your body will lose fluids. Again, through sweating. This can bring on muscle cramping if you are losing fluids and not putting it back. With the body being over 70% water, we need plenty of water for the cells in the muscle to function properly.

Not only that, important electrolytes which is needed by the body come out through sweating and peeing and must be restored. These important electrolytes include sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Too Many Medications:

Drugs such as Satins which are prescribed as treatment for high cholesterol, along with diuretics which is heavily used by folks trying to lose weight as well as bodybuilders to get rid of excess water, are just a few of the drugs that can cause muscle cramps as a side effect. If for some reason, you are prescribed a drug as a treatment by your doctor and you notice that you are experiencing frequent muscle cramping, let him or her know right away.

This could mean that the drug treatment is dehydrating your body as a possible side effect.

Poor Blood Circulation:

If you are experiencing severe cramps during a regular walk, chances are that your muscles are not getting the required blood flow which brings oxygen to your working muscle. This could be due to your age as well as if you are not a very active person. Poor blood flow can also be caused by a condition called Claudication which causes narrowing of the arteries; thus, leading to poor blood circulation. Again, consult with your health care provider for help

Women Monthly Cycle:

During their monthly cycles or periods, many women get cramps. Some are severe, and some are mild. Either way, cramping occurs. This is because the female body produce certain hormones which causes the muscles in the uterus walls to tighten up. This is how the blood and waste products are being expelled from their body.

Over the counter pain relievers are normally taken if the cramping pains are too severe to handle but before you take these drugs, check with your doctor first because they can lead to further fluid lost.

Growth Spurts:

You have often heard the saying "growth spurt." This is also referred to as growing pains... why? Often, kids may get cramps as they go through their growing ages; however, this could also be because of the many daily activities that they get involved in such as soccer or football. And because of it, they don't drink the required amount of water to stay hydrated. Therefore, parents must ensure that their kids are drinking enough water during their daily activities and not a large amount of juice or other high sugary liquids.

Too Much Exercise:

Our physical bodies are meant to move. Which means we have to stay active through consistent exercises in our daily lives. This is extremely important to our overall health and weight management. However, we can overdo it at times. This also can lead to muscle cramping which are mostly in our legs, stomach, and hands. Regular exercise such as resistance training will tone our bodies and make our muscles stronger, bigger and harder.

Regular exercise will also increase the endurance of our muscles as well; therefore, exercise is very beneficial to us. It is good to know that a muscle that is trained for endurance will not cramp up as easy. Still, you need to pace yourself during your workout, you need to do some light warm-up exercises, followed by some stretching before you embark on your workout.

You also need to do some stretching immediately after your workout and drink a good bit of water, so that your muscles don't cramp up so easily.


Now with that said, if you experience a cramp for a prolonged period, and you don't think that it is related to any of the possible causes listed above, then set an appointment to see your doctor. You maybe suffering from a health condition like thyroid disease, cirrhosis of the liver, or hardening of the arteries. You only have one health so avoid the things that can possibly cause a cramp and live your best life ever.

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