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Five Foods to Increase Spiritual Development and Third Eye Opening

Everyone agrees that eating nutritious, organic, and unprocessed foods is necessary at all times, but during times of spiritual growth or awakening it is especially crucial to provide your body with nourishment that will support your shifting vibration.

It's also important to eat particular foods while you're going through a shift, awakening, or are under a lot of emotional stress.

Your energy may feel divided, weak, or even unstable when your vibration level rises.

You might even start experiencing physical feelings, having vivid dreams, or developing increased sensitivity. You must make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs to support both you and your pineal gland during this process.

The pineal gland, or third eye, is referred to as the "seat of awareness" because it plays a role in supplying us with dreams and visions and tying us to our greater purpose or source energy.

If you wish to strengthen or support your intuition, refocus your energy, or require help with ascension symptoms, the following 5 meals will help you:

To be effective, each of these must be organic or homegrown without pesticides.

1. Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive or Coconut Oil

The good fats olive oil and coconut oil are two examples of, which not only nourish the brain and nervous system but also aid in the emergence of intuition.

You may experience anxiety or even depression when you first awaken as you try to adjust to the changes. You can help yourself relax and keep your composure during the surgery by eating a diet rich in these fats.

2. Raw Cacao 

Cacao is known to help pineal gland health and enhance intuition in addition to being rich in minerals and antioxidants.

Additionally, raw cacao is a potent detoxifier that can help remove toxic energy from your body and aura. Additionally, it is incredibly invigorating and helps support stable energy levels throughout the day.

3. Beets

Beets help in both heavy metal detoxification and pineal gland cleaning.

Especially if you are experiencing ascension symptoms or simply feel "out of touch" with reality, beets are very grounding and can help you feel more centered and balanced.

4. Herbs

There are several herbs that can support waking, ascension, and intuition. Herbs can help you raise your vibrational frequency, broaden your consciousness, improve your physical well-being, and cultivate your psychic talents. Actually, herbs are amazing at helping you reach a higher state of consciousness.

Chakra opening and ascension symptoms can be treated with particular herbs.

5. Water

Although it's necessary to be hydrated at all times, ascension makes it even more essential. Water helps your body detoxify negative emotions and energy as well as remove poisons from it.

The past's wrongs and scars are occasionally exposed when a person develops spiritually so that they can be healed. Maintaining hydrated might help you let go and release some of these feelings.

Your brain functions better when you stay hydrated, which also affects the functioning of your neural system and pineal gland.

It's important to experiment with some of these foods, but it's also important to eliminate fluoride, alcohol, soda, processed grains, GMOs, and pesticides from your diet because they all prevent pineal gland activity and the development of intuition. Your third eye won't be able to open because of it.

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