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Nigeria recorded six monkeypox cases in there country

Monkeypox is a zoonotic disorder due to the Monkeypox virus and may be unfold from animals to people through entering contact with blood, body fluids and lesions of inflamed animals (squirrels, rats, monkeys, others).

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) states that it is able to also be gotten via ingesting poorly cooked meat and animal products of infected animals.

It can also be spread from human to human thru droplets from coughing, sneezing, touch with blood, body fluids and rash of infected people, in addition to contact with contaminated apparel and linens of inflamed individuals.

The Service explains that it could take between five to 21 days from the time of contact with an infected individual or animal for one to start displaying symptoms.

Symptoms of the disorder encompass Fever (multiplied frame temperature), headache, frame pain, weak point, and swelling of lymph nodes.

The fever is accompanied with the aid of the development of pores and skin rash (within one to 3 days) at the complete frame, however, it is more concentrated on the face and limbs.

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