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Increase brain power with candles.

1. Generate Ideas with Peppermint or Cinnamon

Need a little assistance during your brainstorming session? Stuck in a rut without new ideas for your blog? Choose a peppermint or cinnamon scented candle to help stimulate your neurons spike up to produce faster reflexes.

2. Stay Awake with Orange or Lemon

It’s usually difficult to keep your eyes open halfway through the day. But you need to – especially if you still have emails to check, reports to compile, and client meetings to attend. All you need to do is get the candle and give it a try.

3. Calm Nerves Before a Presentation Using Jasmine

Speaking before a crowd can get anybody riled up. However, if a company’s reputation or an important business deal is on the line, you would want to be at your best. That means no jittery feet or sweaty hands. In this case, take advantage of nature’s “Valium”, Jasmine, to assist you in this endeavor. A good whiff of this relaxing scent has been known to not only calm nerves, but also coordination, optimism and hand coordination.

4. Focus More Using Rosemary

Mondays are tough enough without having to deal with 3PM fatigue. Make sure you submit reports on time with help from a rosemary-scented candle. This candle helps boost our memory capacitation.

5. Go for Orange to Persuade People

If Jasmine was able to calm you down right before a presentation, a light orange scent in your board room should help clients be on your side during this essential presentation. It really does work , you need a try.

Our brain function is beyond doubt an integral component of our daily lives, we must get at it to help it perform.

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