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3 Dangerous Diseases That Can Be Cured Just By Constantly Taking Of Onions

Weeping and terrible breath are two of onion's most well-known characteristics. Spices and aromas can be added to any meal thanks to the usage of a popular vegetable in most cultures. Raw onions, in addition to being delicious, have healing and antibacterial properties that aid in our bodies' ability to rid themselves of sickness.

Experts like Dr. Jonathan Stegall, an integrative medicine doctor in Johns Creek, Georgia, stress the health benefits of onions. Onions contain sulfur compounds, which not only give them their distinctive smell, but also make them effective detoxifiers. " he wrote in an email to Medical Daily. Onions contain over 100 sulfur-containing chemicals, which can make eyes water. Onions can treat and prevent everything from heart disease to diabetes with regular use.

1. Cancer

Onions, when combined with turmeric, can help reduce cancer risk. Chemicals are present in these two common cooking components. Precancerous hosts in the colon are reduced in size and quantity when onions and turmeric are combined, according to a 2006 study. This reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

Stegall claims that onions contain chemicals containing organosulfur, which can aid in the detoxification of dangerous carcinogens. According to him, when an onion is chopped or chewed, these compounds are released from the onion's cell wall into the air.

2. Asthma

Onions have antihistamine effects because of the antioxidant quercetin, which is also anti-inflammatory and antihistamine in nature. Immune cells release histamine, which causes allergic reactions, when they are exposed to quercetin in test tubes. Antioxidants, according to researchers, may lower the body's production of histamine and other allergic or inflammatory chemicals, making them a possible treatment option for asthma.

However, no human research have examined whether or whether it works. According to Stegall, onions are a potent antioxidant, thus he believes they can help alleviate asthma symptoms. Studies have shown that quercetin opens the respiratory tract's airways, according to him.

3. Tooth decay

If we don't like the taste of onions, they are healthy for our teeth. Chewing a raw onion can strengthen teeth while also removing potentially hazardous bacteria. In two to three minutes, you may kill the majority of oral bacteria by chewing on an onion, according to Naturalsociety.

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