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Meet the young man who was born with no legs, yet became a wrestler

Zion Clark, 22, from Ohio was born without legs and ended up in foster care. But this did not stop him from reaching his goal of becoming a successful wrestler. 

Born with a genetic condition called caudal regression syndrome which is a disease which affect the growth of the lower half of the body. The cause of this condition is different among each person and affect a fifth of every 100,000 births. 

When Zion was born with this condition, his mother who had him while in prison, abandoned him after she gave birth to him. He was put into an orphanage home and was moved from one home to another as there was no one willing to adopt him permanently because of his condition. 

There were times when Zion was beating physical and mentally and was made fun of because of his situation. He was sometimes not given food and as a result got hungry a lot of times. And yet through all these troubles Zion did not give up but remained firm and optimistic in God that one day things will get better.

One day, when in elementary school, a teacher introduced him to wrestling but, because of his condition found it hard to win any matches. But this did not stop Zion to give up but rather trained harder over the years of his schooling and started winning some matches.

At age 17 years, he was finally adopted. And even though he has no legs, Zion is also pursuing interests in weight lifting, wheelchair bodybuilding, and wheelchair race. And now with faith, passion and hard work he aims to join the next Olympic Games.

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