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Money is not the root of all evil, it is the root of freedom - Opinion

When we were young and made church service our devotional hobby, we all came across the famous and frequent sayings of pastors and reverend ministers of God who always told us that, money is the root of evil because it makes you do bad things. How unrealistic that was, you will never know until you are out of age. They take your last pin in the church with the pretense of give and it shall be given to you, then they will come back and tell you, money is evil. If it was evil, why was it accepted in the church? Something they only can explain. 

This morning as I prepared my Hausa Koko without milk, I heard my phone 'beee beer'. Your account has been credited with *****.** from Company Limited. Current balance is ****.** available balance is ****.**. Salary drop, immediately my brains start to work again. This Hausa koko what water did they use in cooking, was the woman ventilated, was the sauce pan sanitised? Then I started thinking, I don't want to die from cholera and corona virus. I am going to Golden Tulip for breakfast. Yes I did and threw away the Hausa koko. 

I was able to drive out because I had enough money to buy diesel into the car. I ate the food I wanted at the hotel because I had the money to pay for it. I even sent some to friends who were struggling with financials. I became happy because I have lived my morning for the day. Imagine the day without money in your pocket verses a day with money in your pocket, the feeling is perfect but yet we are made to believe everything about money is evil and shouldn't be tolerated. 

You need money to buy clothes to wear, is the clothes evil? I guess no. You need money to buy everything in this world because without that, you cannot do anything. Without money, look at how your family sees you and with money, look at how they dress you with acronyms and synonyms, verbs and adverbs, nouns and pronouns. Why will a pastor give you all the titles in the world when you offer more in church development but the ones who goes to church everyday with the pastor doesn't get those titles because they are poor? 

At the hospital, without money you will die because you will need that to pay for your treatment. Yesterday I was at 37 military hospital where a woman approached me seeking for help. Her son was dying because she had no money to pay for his drugs and a pending surgery. I visited the boy at his hospital bed and he was around 17 or 18 years. He had a bright future ahead of him and who knows what he might become. I gave them the little I had and came home. This morning, the woman called me praising all sort of names because of what I did. 

Doctors told her that if she hadn't paid the money yesterday, the son would have died because they almost lost him during the surgery. It was money that saved the boy not papers nor Lucifer. So how come is money the root of all evil? This mentality has lead to a lot of brothers and sisters worshipping church leaders with all their time because of this initiative they have imprisoned in their heads. The world is all about common sense and reasoning. Money can never be the root of all evil and if someone tells you money is evil, tell them it will be gracious to sit in Mercedes than to walk in the sun. It is better to eat your favorite food than to die hungry. 

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