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How To Treat Pile Using Natural Herbs

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about how to ringworm bush to treat Pile

Get witch hazel supplement (Make sure it is pure witch hazel and has no alcohol added)

When you get it, use cotton wool and dab it into it. Apply it to the anus area, 4-5 times daily.Also eat foods that are high in fiber, foods that will make the stool soft and easy to pass out. The affected person should also sit in a bowl of warm water with a little salt after each visit to the toilet..


If you can't get witch hazel then get a herb known as ringworm bush (Asurun oyinbo in yoruba or Ogalu in igbo)

Pound the leaf very well

Apply the poultice around the affected area, it is effective





The picture of the leaf is down below

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