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Are You Having A Blurred Vision? See The Top Causes Of Sudden Blurred Vision

Blurred vision can affect one or both eyes, and it results in someone not being able to find details. Though there are many causes of blurred vision we will be looking at the common cause of blurred vision.

1. Migraine

This is a headache that can cause blurred vision. It makes someone lost his vision temporarily and its pain may last three or four days.

2. Low blood sugar

This occurs in people with diabetes. When their blood sugar level drops too low it might blur vision.

3. Cataract

When a cataract is left untreated it might result to blur vision for someone.

4. Long Or Shortsightedness

These are the two common eyes problem and both can cause blurred vision depending on the type one is suffering from. Longsightedness is when one finds it difficult to see close, while shortsightedness is when one finds it difficult to see an object that is far.

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