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3 Things To Never Lie To Your Doctor About.

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Out of shame, sometimes we lyingly give false accounts about our ill health. Telling your doctor exactly what is wrong with you will enable him to conduct the right diagnosis.

There are three things you needn't lie to your doctor about. They are highlighted below;

1. Your Age

Age is a critical factor in how doctors prescribe treatments. You don't want to break that essential Doctor-Patient Trust. Being admitted to the hospital is not the same as being at a football camp, where you can lie about your age. For example, if you tell the doctor you are older than your age, the medicine prescription can be catastrophic to you.

2. Your Smoking Habits

Nicotine affects the healing process. Many surgeons perform certain surgeries because the incision could scar if you smoke.

3. Your Alcohol Habits

If you ever need surgery, be honest about alcohol usage. Alcohol abuse can have permanent, damaging effects on your liver and that could cause extra bleeding during surgery.

Note: Important information about you is key to the right treatment. Leave your shame in the waiting room and open up.

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