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New method employed by weed smokers sets the social media ablaze

Over dependence on drugs as well as the abusive nature of most people especially the youth, raises a concern about the future of the nation. The youth are the future leaders of this country. They are the ones who are supposed to rise up tomorrow and save the country but, looking at the behavior most of them have put up, I must say that the future is really scary.

We have always talked about the use of marijuana as well as the negative impact it has on smokers. Well, it is like all our efforts to help stop the high incidence of kidney diseases as well as lung cancer is something they don't think about.

A video on the internet currently sees a new method adopted by these boys and I think it is too scary. Most of you will say we should allow them to do whatever they want since it is their own health. The scare comes in when most of them don't use it for good deeds and pull a knife on you, so you give them your belongings.

These boys now insert the weed into an energy drink, make a hole on top of the bottle, and smoke through that hole. When confronted, they reply with, "What's the point of dying with a healthy kidney?"

This country really has a far way to go because the future is really scary.

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