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The Missing Ingredients to Success

Many factors contribute to success: ability, imagination, and wisdom, hard work, patience, and determination, good fortune and synchronicity, the right values and attitude... Is there something I'm missing? Spiritual activity, to be sure.

Of course, you can lose weight, become a competent doctor or an outstanding lawyer, and be a good mother or a professional athlete simply by working hard (studying, training, working, etc.). Are you, however, going to be pleased with your achievement? How many people do you know that seem to have achieved it all and feel miserable at the same time: exhausted, underappreciated, over worked, never good enough (despite surface appearances), never quite there, and I'm not always sure if that's the best thing to do or where I should be. Then there are others that seem to be doing all right but fail to achieve apparent success, at least in the eyes of others. What is the explanation for this?

The explanation for this is that frustration is related to an overemphasis on doing. Do you remember the popular phrase Be-Do-Have? You never quite have what you want if you miss the being and go straight to the doing (personal satisfaction, successful closure, peace and happiness). You keep doing what you're doing, and no matter how much you accomplish or make, you feel compelled to do more because... If you take a step back and concentrate on your being, you will have everything you want and more.

The being stage implies that you have a spiritual practice that revolves around what you do and what you want. That doesn't make you a religious extremist or superstitious. It implies that you devote time to reflection, introspection, contemplation, gratitude, praise, prayer, and gratitude. Simply by feeling linked to the resources of the world and acting out of something greater than yourself, you will activate the higher brain, work from your higher self, and gain guidance (through wisdom and intuition) (not because your ego wants to compensate for inferiority complexes or fears lack and separation).

Thus, if you begin by being (through meditation, reflection, prayer, and gratitude) and then act, your effort will be highly successful in the following ways:

You'll know you're on the right track and you won't have second thoughts, doubts, or regrets along the way (because you'll be energetically aligned with the cosmic tides of power); even difficulties will be met with grace. You'll feel fulfilled every step of the way; it won't feel like a rut race, constant stress, and finally, there is no sense of fulfillment. In a nutshell, incorporating spiritual practice into your ventures ensures progress and satisfaction 

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