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10 Bad Habits to Stop Before You Regret Later in Life.

1.  Stop gratifying everyone. Meet your own values, NOT what others are expecting of you. 

2.  Avoid being pampered. OUTSIDE the comfort zone, development is detected. 

3.  Only stop being distracted. We are the generation with the most distractions in history. No Concentration, no findings. 

4. Stop being reliant on others. Your mama can no longer save you. NOTHING in life is free. For your future, take responsibility.

5.  Avoid demanding immediate contentment. Your best friends are patience, determination and transpiration. 

6. Stop depending on encouragement to behave. Build everyday Behaviors that can contribute to your goals being achieved. 

7. Avoid getting your body violated. Feed safe, and you're going to look healthy, feel fine, and think healthy. Eat food and you can feel like junk.

8. Avoid surrounding yourself with people who are negative. We can't change people, but we CAN change the people we're surrounded by. 

9. Avoid resisting modification. Staying trapped in the past has PAINFUL repercussions. 

10. Avoid being afraid of failure. You're not trying hard enough if you're not failing.

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