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Foods that can give you more energy


Bananas may be one of the best foods for energy. They’re an excellent source of complex carbs, potassium, and vitamin B6, all of which can help boost your energy levels (1Trusted Source


2. Fatty fish

Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are good sources of protein, fatty acids, and B vitamins, making them great foods to include in your diet.

A serving of salmon or tuna provides you the recommended daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 (2Trusted Source


Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation, which is a common cause of fatigue (3Trusted Source


In fact, some studies determined that taking omega-3 supplements could decrease fatigue, especially in cancer patients and those recovering from cancer (4Trusted Source


Furthermore, vitamin B12 works with folate to produce red blood cells and help iron work better in your body. Optimal levels of red blood cells and iron can reduce fatigue and increase energy (5Trusted Source


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