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COVID -19 –Where Did The Virus Come From? The Multi-Billion Dollar question.

Whiles the world was celebrating the end of another calendar year in 2019 December, with people projecting high hopes and making new year resolutions for the brand new decade 2020, little did the world know that 2020 and perhaps a little beyond would go down as unique-a time of a Global Pandemic once again.

In far Asia, Wuhan China was emergence of a new kind of coronavirus- a novel coronavirus, this virus would later be known as SARS-COV-2.

But just where did this virus come from?

That has been the multi-billion dollar question, we all know, it began in China, which part? Wuhan. Where in Wuhan? The wet market was the initial narrative we all heard, later when it was discovered that early cases had no link to this market, the narrative was changed.

So now it is not the market, then where? All fingers began pointing to a new revelation. The Wuhan Institute of Virology Labs. This Institute has BSL (Biosafety Level) 4 Labs, these are among the highest Security on the planet because it houses very dangerous and pandemic potential viruses. And this lab was working on years long research into coronaviruses and even doing further studies on their functions and infectiousness 

OK then if thus the case

Could it be there was a leak?

Well, no can say for sure but lab leaks do occur as of course humans are prone to errors and mistakes. But even if it is a lab leak, who on Earth would own up responsibility especially at this time where the pandemic is ongoing. So efforts to really establish the exact origin has not been realized and it may be that, it might never will and this has happened before with the AIDS, HIV virus. Up until today the origin has been left to theories.

Will the origin ever be found?

May be yes, may be no. But one thing you and I can be sure that only God knows

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