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If You Are Suffering From Asthma, Coughs and Cold, Use Mango Leaves This Way To Treat Yourself

If You Are Suffering From Asthma, Coughs and Cold, Use Mango Leaves This Way To Treat Yourself 

The feather-like flowering part of Mango is used widely in the herbal industry for treating, curing and managing signs and symptoms of numerous diseases. 

In today’s article, we will have a look at one of the major benefits of Mango leaves. So if you are suffering from Asthma, cough, and cold then make sure you read to the end.

Mangoes are stony edible fruit belonging to the drupe classification of fruits. They are juicy and very nutritious. The fruit is known scientifically as Mangifera Indica. 

Aside from their delicious taste, mangoes are also nutritious with one medium-sized fruit containing varieties of minerals such as vitamin c which is good for the immune system, vitamin A which fights eye defeat and cancer, Potassium and Sodium which helps the functionality of the Kidney and Heart. 

Just like any other fruit, all parts of the mango plant are very medicinal in nature. One which will talk about today is the leaf. Mango leaves are antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant in nature. Studies have shown that concoction of the leaves can be of great help for people suffering from Asthma and other respiratory problems. 

Now, let see how we can turn the leaves into something beneficial and medicinal for our own benefits.

Mango Leaves Concoction For Treating Respiratory Diseases 


To make this remedy, first, boil the leaves about 20 leaves in clean 150ml water. After boiling, allow the remedy to stay overnight and then take it first thing in the morning. Make sure you take it before having your breakfast. You can honey to make it more comfortable. 

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