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If Your Parent Is 60 Years Old And Above, Watch Out For This 11 Signs Of Dementia

Hello guys, welcome to my page.

They say "health is wealth" and it's the wish of almost everyone to see old age because that's the time your kids tend to take good care of you and life is sweet, who wants to leave the face of the earth? No one.

Everybody wants to grow old but there are some things that happen when we are old from having a very poor immune system to having memory loss called dementia.

Today, we are going to talk about 18 signs that shows that our aged parents are suffering from dementia. So if you are aged 60 years and above or you are quite young, this article will be important whether you are old or young because you could learn and also give valuable health tips to your loved ones.

As I said earlier, at old age, the cells in the human body deteriorate which is why senile people have very weak immune system but dementia is a medical condition that manifests when there is defective behavioural and cognitive abilities. Dementia has been seen to affect a lot of people during their old age.

Dementia is a condition that cannot be cured but can be treated. It is a general term for memory loss and this has been seen to interfere with daily life.

I guess we have seen old people that fail to remember us, and has also failed to remember what we told them, these are the little symptoms that prove they have dementia.

It is important to always observe our older parents for these signs and symptoms of dementia before it gets out of hand.

I have taken time to mention some of these symptoms, below are the others I didn't mention.

1. Memory loss.

2. Difficulty in achieving simple tasks or chores.

3. Misplacing things.

4. Forgetting names of family members.

5. Losing memory of where they kept their things.

6. Forgetting places they have been to before.

7. Incapability to read or write that is caused by lack of concentration.

8. Refusing to engage in gatherings that includes meetings in the church, etc.

9. Changing their mood and personality.

10. Incapability to coordinate their movements while walking.

11. Unexplained sadness and depression that results from insomnia.

I hope we would watch out for these signs in our aged loved ones and also take necessary actions to help them.

Thank you for reading, kindly drop your comments and follow us for more updates.

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