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Be careful where you buy your apples at the market. Some are close to two years old. This is why

Our immune system can be boosted by several means which include fruits. In this era of Covid 19, one must eat foods that boost immunity so as to look fit even if the virus attack the body.

Eating apple is one way to boost the immune system. But the question is, what kinds of apples do we buy at the market place.

Natural, apples are supposed to last for few weeks then it get spoilt.

But most of the apples in the market are not like that. These apples have been refined which other chemicals to make the active big and to last for so many months.

According to some sources from some part of markets in the country, some of the apples we see are close to 2 years.

Some last for 15 months, others 9 months.

Since the apples are chemically treated, it is not good for the body. And also the apple staying at the market for over a year is also very bad for the body.

One should know where to buy goof and fresh apples from the right source and not any apple at all.

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