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Gain Some Muscle: Tips To Reduce Body Fat

Spend body fat and gain muscle are not strictly aesthetic goals. Lowering your fat levels helps you have a healthier body and gaining muscle mass gives you strength, endurance and makes you feel good. To achieve this you have to combine a good diet with physical activity and that just one of the two is not enough to achieve what you want.

How should your diet be?

As for how you should eat to lower your percentage of extra fat, one of the tips is to maintain a caloric deficit: consume fewer calories than your body needs. As long as you eat less than you need, this deficiency in energy expenditure manages to use up the fat that you have accumulated as a source of energy. The recommended percentage is to reduce 20 or 25% of the consumption required to burn fat without losing muscle. In other words, if you need 2,000 calories a day, you can lower it to 1,800.

You also need a good amount of protein. Normally you require one gram of protein per kilogram of healthy weight, so you shouldn't neglect that protein in your diet and keep it present in all three meals. To form muscle mass need good heat backup: include carbohydrates ( brown rice , pasta or potatoes) in each portion of protein (beef, fish, chicken breast) recommended vary feeding fruits and vegetables to receive antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with each meal.

Replace fats with healthier ones. It 's not about you stop eating fat, because your body needs, but look for options of healthy fat like avocados, nuts , blue fish, egg yolk, coconut oil and olive oil .

What to keep in mind about exercise

Cardio alone is not enough. You should also do bodybuilding, strength and resistance training because that will allow you to have an active muscle mass. It focus on other areas of your body do you lower fat percentage, have good muscle tone and reach a healthy weight.

Rest is as important as exercising. According to nutrition expert and trainer health, if you make physical activity accompany you later with a good supply of protein and rest. “You cannot dedicate yourself to exercising every day. For muscle mass to build, you need periods of rest. If you train legs today, then arms tomorrow. You must rest your muscles so that there is tissue recovery and hypertrophy (muscle growth) ”.

Strength training to keep muscles active. Weight lifting or activities that require weight are essential for gaining muscle. It is a constant training so that the different muscle groups feel stimulated. Get advice from an expert such as a sports doctor, physiotherapist or a physical educator or gym instructor on what is the maximum weight you can lift, taking into account your weight, gender, your age and your physical or physiological state.

It is not enough to lower your calorie intake or be aware of how many you consume per day to start seeing changes. There are other factors that are just as important in reducing body fat percentage and gaining muscle (or not losing it). There is no quick way to do it, but there is a healthy way: good nutrition, rest and constant exercise are the key.

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