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7signs of depression

We all one way or the other go through certain situations that disturb us emotionally. This sometimes makes us sad, but with time the sadness fades away and we get better. It is quite scary when the sadness lingers. Depression goes beyond normal sadness. It can become an all-encompassing disorder. There are different types of depression but the most common is known as major depressive disorder. These signs will help you identify a friend or relative who is depressed, so you can give the care and support the need.

The first is neglecting friends and hobbies known as anhedonia. It means the loss of interest in activities that would have been entertaining. So if your friend is no longer interested in their hobbies, it may be a good time to check in with them. Ageing there are changes in sleep patterns. Our sleep pattern is incredibly important for our mental health, often changes to our sleep pattern are one of the signs that we are suffering mentally. It makes depression worse. Depression causes insomnia that is too little sleep or hypersomnia, sleeping too much. These changes in sleep pattern also tend to result in a decrease in overall energy

The next is the change in appetite. Another thing that depression can cause is a changed appetite. Some people with depression find their appetite is much lower. The opposite is observed in other cases because others have an increased appetite. The fourth point is low self-esteem. Depression can make you see only the negative things about yourself and downplay your achievements. It is a serious symptom since it can lead to people feeling worthless.

Also, there is a decrease in hygiene. One way the lack of energy from depression can manifest is a decrease in someone's hygiene. Often those with depression struggle to shower, clean their teeth or other self-grooming habits we take for granted. This is due to their fatigue and lack of motivation to complete tasks. So if your friend is looking less clean or groomed it might be a sign of depression.

The sixth point is irritability. Do you feel tensed and pent-up? Irritability is one of the symptoms of depression. When you feel so negative about everything, it can make even little things feel incredibly annoying. Depression cause dysfunction in mood regulation, meaning anger is more likely to be displayed.

And lastly, flat emotions. This is a misconception that depression is always feeling sad all the time. This however isn't the case, one of the symptoms of depression is a flat mood. This is where a person's mood is dull. Such people often say they feel numb or don't feel anything at all. They feel sad but they also can't feel happy either.

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