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Taking of 20 to 40 grams of holy black basil leaves juice can cure anyone of fever

The normal temperature of a human being is considered as 37° C (98.6° F) though it can fluctuates as a result of several reasons. For example, body temperatures measured at different locations of the body differ slightly. Oral temperature can be higher than the rectal temperature. The general body temperature range for babies is between 96.8°F to 98.6°F (36°C to 37°C), for kids is 96.8- 98.24°F, which is approximately the same range as that of adults. Maintain a chart useful of these ranges in order that you can refer to them whenever you or your kid has a fever. A baby that has a fever within the range of 100.4°F to 101.3°F is observed to have high fever and medical intervention should be sought instantly. Fever can be described as an increase in body temperature. As it, it’s the body's protective system against infection. Usually the increase in temperature occurs when the immune system is combating bacteria and viruses that could harm the body. Fever is the most powerful weapon in the battle against infections or diseases. There are situations when there are fever symptoms in adults but no fever occur. If you experienced from any of the symptoms mentioned above, but no fever attack occur, you should immediately contact your physician who will then suggest more tests to diagnose what the real cause of the problem. It is essential to do so, despite the fact that you feel better, so as to prevent any health problems later on. It is possible that you had a bacterial infection which has not been cleared up totally. There is also likelihood that you have Sepsis.

Although energetic exercise, during which the muscles produce heat faster than the body can fritter away, can lead to a temporary rise in temperature.

Causes of Fever

 In most conditions a fever is as a result of a fundamental illness or infection. As the immune system ward off an infection, it produces heat, which leads to an increased body temperature. In the same vein, the hypothalamus, that acts as the body’s thermostat elevates the body’s base-line temperature.

 This increased body temperature helps the immune system in getting rid of the body illness because the viruses and bacteria that cause them flourish in cooler environments and usually cannot endure high temperature. The causes of a fever may vary widely from ordinary teething in infants and a fit of flu, to more severe cases such as glandular fever, sunburn, pneumonia, and heatstroke.

 They may even occur due to certain medications such as some blood pressure medications, antidepressants, antibiotics, and anti-seizure drugs. It is thus always essential to observe a fever and seek medical attention if it increases speedily, or persists, so that a proper diagnosis can be attained.


Tips for Managing Fever

.Ensure you monitor your kid’s fever strictly. This may be done by checking your temperature of your kid at least every 4 hours till it has entirely gone down.

.Guard against dehydration by making sure your kid drinks adequate fluids and ensure these do not have caffeine.

.Having lukewarm bath or sponge bath will help to bring down a high fever but avoid using cold water or ice.

.Do have sufficient bed rest as walking about elevates body temperature even more. Be creative when you are trying to confine a kid to bed so as not to make the child becoming frustrated. You can make use of quiet activities such as playing cards coloring, game books and books on tape.

.Wear light cotton pajamas for your child so that body heat can escape and avoid bundle your child up during bedtime.

.Take as much water as you can so as to replace fluid loss. It will also help to cool down body temperature.

.Rest as much as necessary.

Herbal remedies

1. Provided the fever does not go above 1020C let it run its course. This helps the body to tackle infection and remove toxins. The consumption of cumin seeds (Black Seed) with jaggery cures the fever, no matter how long.

2. Taking of 20 to 40 grams of holy black basil leaves juice can cure anyone of fever. Holy black basil is an excellent herbal remedy for fever treatment.

3. Drinking 30 to 80 grams decoction prepared with the roots of holy black basil plant two times in a day will give you freedoms from all types of fever.

4. Consuming 3 Datura seeds three times in a day cure fever without any hassle. Datura is an exceptional herbal remedy for fever any day any time.

5. Make a Sherbet by boiling by a few tamarind pulps in half liter of milk. And then add cloves, sugar, cardamoms, some dates, and very minute camphor. It reduces the fever.

6. Use Peepal leaves as tonic and laxative. They ease feverish feeling.

7. The bark of Tamarind is an astringent, a tonic, thus it reduces fever. And also use the bark as laxative to help flush out toxins.

8. Massage a little mustard seeds oil to the body of individual suffering from dengue fever. 

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