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For a healthy life, do these things

1. Eat more vegetables and less meat: Vegetables are good source of vitamins and minerals including folate and vitamin C and potassium.They contain fiber which help maintain a healthy guts and prevents digestion reduces diabetes,hearts diseases,high blood pressure.Meat creates the avenue for high blood pressure which causes can lead to heart failure or heart diseases. The excessive intake of both the precess and red meat are harmful.

2. More fruits and less sugar:

Just like vegetables, fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are high in fiber. Fruits provide a wife range of health boosting antioxidants. Eating more fruits can reduce risk of developing heart diseases,cancer, inflammation and diabetes but sugar has its health benefits but too much intake of it can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. Sugar accelerates aging. It affects yours body composition that controls wrinkles and sagging. Too much sugar also causes tooth decay.

3. More walk less Drive:

Research has shown that walking is another form of exercise and it keeps the body in shape. It helps burn cholesterol in the body. Walking increases cardiovascular ( heart) and pulmonary ( lungs) fitness.It helps blood to circulate well in the body. One may argue that driving is also another form of exercise because it involves the movement of certain parts of the body but too much drive doesn't give the body the needed energy it suppose to get. It risk one's life to heart diseases which is as a result of high cholesterol. And the high cholesterol blocks the veins which leads to stroke due the the blockage of blood to all parts of the body.

4. More Sleep and less worry:

Research has shown much sleep can boost the immune system. Sleeping also can strengthen the heart. It also increases productivity. Lack of sleep can be dangerous. Sleep can increase exercise and performance. Sleep involves memory. Sleep lowers weight gain. On the other hand, can lead to feeling of high anxiety. It can lead to heart diseases problems and high blood pressure. It can also leads to stroke. Worry does not give a person sound mind to perform. It does not make one think or reason.

5.More laughter and less anger:

Laughter reduces stress and also prevents excessive thinking which may lead to high blood pressure which will eventually leads to stroke. Anger increase stress and also makes ones blood pressure go high which may lead to stroke.


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