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Herbal remedies to treat fibroids and it amazing how it works



*Ingredients* :


Bitter kola

Aidan (Wet/Fresh one)



Lime or lemon


Tumeric, Garlic, Ginger, Bitter cola, Fresh/wet Aidan. Lime or lemon.


 *Mode of preparation .* 


Slice the fresh ginger, Tumeric, bitter cola, and the aidan fruit into tiny pieces boil for 20 minutes add garlic in the twentieth-minute


 Leave to boil for ten more minutes.


 When you bring it down from the fire, add a lime or lemon. 




Take a small glass twice a day first thing in the morning and last thing at night not on a full stomach. 

After six months of this daily treatment, go for a check-up, you will discover that it has shrunk in size. 



This is not for pregnant women or women that want to conceive. 


This medicine can also be used to lower blood pressure so while taking it, always monitor your blood pressure to ensure it doesn't drop too low.

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Aidan Garlic Ginger Wet


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