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Chalk Dust in Classroom: is it Harmful to The Health of the Teacher?

Chalk Dust in Classroom: is it Harmful to The Health of the Teacher?

Schools in Ghana especially rural areas use chalk to write on the chalkboard, the chalkboard is painted black with either charcoal or used torch light batteries. The battery is made of zinc that contains a damp chemical paste.

There are two separate issues buried in the question of chalk dust safety. In one sense, the main ingredients of this dust are considered to be non-toxic, which simply means they do not pose a threat when ingested. In another sense, this material can and does accumulate in the human respiratory system, which means it can create long-term health problems due to overexposure. 

In short, swallowing a piece of white chalkboard chalk won't kill a person, but breathing in the dust for a number of years can create or trigger respiratory problems.

Chalk dust is the natural by-product of using a chalk crayon on a blackboard. As the chalk is scraped across the rough surface of the board, particles of it are sent out into the surrounding air. Some of this dust settles to the ground or is ventilated outside, but much of it falls on clothing. 

Teachers and students also inhale a portion as well, which usually becomes trapped in the mucus layers of the throat and upper lungs.

A small amount of inhaled dust is not considered harmful. Those with healthy respiratory systems can expel it through coughing, and the remaining material should be absorbed safely into the body. For those with chronic breathing issues such as asthma, however, exposure can trigger a reaction. 

Marker board should be provided for schools, it's easy to use by teachers and students. 

Chalk dust entering the eyes is not harmful, try to blink your eyes as fast as you can that will cause tears in your eyes to flush out the chalk dust. Then, you shall use clean water to flush your eyes as soon as possible. You may feel burning and foreign feelings in your eyes. It should be temporarily

Marker board should be provided for schools to make the classrooms safe for teachers and students.

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