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They Sell Medicines That Drive People Insane In Order To Treat The Victims And Make Money

These days people can do anything for money because of the hardship in the country. A Benin young man, probably between the ages of 20 and 30 years has been caught by Ghanaians selling fake medicine to people in Ghana. Watching the video carefully, you can see that you see that the people have tied the guy with chains to a pillar.

According to the Ghanaians, the young Benin guy is selling products that drive people crazy. The Ghanaians stated that there are a lot of young guys from Benin and Togo currently in the country selling these products to innocent people. The people said that they have evidence of what they are saying. A nursing mother has gone mad in Tafo after using this kind of product.

The Ghanaian guys showed the products the Benin guys are selling to the camera. According to them, the foreigners have been deceiving people that the products they are selling drive evil spirits away. The products look like soap so they direct the victims to bath with it. However, the victims run mad after using the product.

The foreigners give out their telephone numbers and tell the victims to call them if they want more of their product. However, they know that the people will go mad after using the product which is why they give these telephone numbers out. If you call them for help after running mad, they charged you GHS 30,000.00 to GHS 50,000.00 and travel with you to Benin and Togo so that they can heal you.

The Ghanaian guys in this video after catching this guy decided to bathe him with his own product but the guy started reacting strangely. The people, therefore, warned Ghanaians to be careful about these foreigners going around the country deceiving many people and making money out of them.

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