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Why the use of cloves is more popular among women.

Clove, a plant that originates from Indonesia has received so much attention recently particularly among women. It has been said to be very potent against infections, and more. This article will focus on the use of clothes in the tightening of the vagina, removal of vaginal odour and yeast infections. Before we zoom into the topic proper, kindly follow and like my post for more interesting updates.

Method 1

Items required: Plastic bottle, you can use the voltic bottle., water, cloves.

*A good number of the cloves is placed in the bottle, and soaked for about two or three days. Ensure that the water turns to brown colour.

*Use it to wash the vagina twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Note: you could also add the prepared brown water to your tea in the morning. It adds some good flavour to the tea. You gonna enjoy it! It may also help people with diabetes, stomach ulcer, etc

Method 2

Items: bucket, hot water water, cloves.

*Fill a quarter of the bucket with hot water

*Drop a good number of cloves in the hot water, undress and sit on the bucket and make sure the steam from hot water reaches your vagina.

*Allow the water to cool down, use the water to wash your vagina.

When any of these methods are done well, the vagina will be tightened, vagina odour and yeast infections will be removed. Questions and contributions are welcomed. Thank you.

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