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Golden blood group: it is so rare that only 43 people in the world have this blood type

The commonest blood groups in the world are the A, B, AB or O, and whether it’s positive or negative.However very gifted people are those who have the RHNULL blood group which is the rarest blood group in the world and only 43 people in the world have this RHNULL blood group.

The reason for its rareness is the fact that it does not have the common antigen which is present in all the other blood groups making it an extremely important cure for the disease such as rhesus disease and many others.

Mostly people who practice Consanguineous marriage (A type of marriage between cousins, siblings, or anybody within an extended family have a much greater chance of having this rare RHnull blood group.

However even though rare and can affect pregnancies in case of women this blood group is a much more greater universal donor and has self disease fighting abilities that can help cure some certain diseases such as rhesus disease.

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