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3 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Okro.

Okro (botanical name: Abelmoschus esculentus) belongs to the family 'Malvaceae' and is well known for its numerous health benefits when add to dishes or soup.

Dan Brennan(MD) in an article entitled " Health Benefits of Okra" published on the supports the view that, there are several vitamins in okro which makes it an ideal ingredient for soup and food preparation. These include vitamin A, B, C and K1. Other nutritional content of okro include, Magnesium, fiber, folate, folic Acid, and calcium. This valuable content of okro provides many health benefits for the human body. Health benefits of okro include the following.

Firstly, okro intake helps to control obesity. makes it clear that okro contains low level of calories and high fiber content. Low calorific diet help to fight against obesity. With okro in your diet, the body will grow at normal pace.

Secondly, okro promotes sexual vitality. Glamazon Tyomi in an article entitled" the better sex diet: how to eat your way to a strong libido" published on, teaches that okro contains beta-carotene which support the endocrine system thereby enhancing libido and strengthening the kidneys.

Lastly, okro consumption helps to fight against cancer. This is possible because okro contains great amount of antioxidants which support the body cells to fight against free radicals which causes cancer in the human body.

The three wonderful health benefits of okro are as follow. One, okro contains fibre which helps to fight against obesity. Two, it also enhances sexual vitality and finally helps the body to fight against cancer.

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