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I have come to give him HIV- Beautiful woman puts Abronye in ‘trouble’ after making this revelation

A beautiful young lady has put Abronye in a very uncomfortable and frustrating situation as she makes these bold revelations and declarations online. Abronye has a brief history when it comes to making certain controversial statements online and throwing shades at people from different political parties. Even people who happen to be his party members have had a taste of his anger and comments in things that he doesn’t support. Abronye has vowed to protect what belongs to Ghanaians at all cost and is ready to do this until he is no more.

A beautiful woman who has become a celebrity over the past few years after she publicly declared or announced her HIV status has sent some powerul words to Abronye. Abronye is known to pick his fights with only people in the political arena. And this is why many are surprised to see him involve himself in such a brawl with this young lady. Speaking today, the beautiful woman who goes by the name Joyce Mensah has made a hilarious yet serious statement about Abronye.

Having HIV alone is something that makes people become so sick and depressed. However, seeing this young woman flaunt her status was something that people thought was a way of encouraging others until she started taking advantage of this. She has put herself in a position in which people think is inappropriate and will only tarnish her image more and more. Joyce Mensah allegedly resided in Germany.

She came back to Ghana not long ago and was seen everywhere after series of allegations of not being positive for HIV hit the internet. She was accused of not being sick but taking the money given her by the Ghana AIDS commission and becoming an ambassador. After Abronye also added his voice to these allegations, the young lady has taken a post to social media claiming she purposely came back to Ghana to give Abronye the HIV which he accused her of not having.

see the spots made by yet young lady below:

‘He said they will arrest me because i said I don't have HIV. Now i came to Ghana to give you back the missing HIV. Now he stopped talking about me.Please if any of you want me not to have the HIV again, tell me and i will do it for you’.

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