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Common causes of stretch marks you may not know

Many people, young and old alike, struggle with the unsightly and sometimes painful marks left by pregnancy and weight gain, among other causes of stretch marks. Here, using information from a Healthline article, I'll explain a few of the most common reasons for getting stretch marks.

One of the most common reasons for stretch marks is an excess of the hormone cortisone in the body. If your body produces too much of this hormone, your skin may become less elastic, which can result in stretch marks.

Excessive stretching of the body is a potential second cause of stretch marks. If you continue to stretch your body continuously and it can lead to stretch marks.

Stretch marks appear on your body if you are gaining sudden weight or losing weight more rapidly. As a result, it's recommended that you maintain a healthy weight in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

The expansion of your stomach and other parts of your body during pregnancy is a major contributor to the development of stretch marks. So, you should take note of this.

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