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The toughest decision a man can ever make is to choose between these two pills. Check it out.

Life is full of options, but not all of them are beneficial. We all grow up and have regrets over things we've done in the past. Since we are people, we can make mistakes, but some mistakes can be avoided if we open our eyes and minds properly. Today, I'd like to pose a question to anyone who will have the chance to read this post.

There are two pills in front of you. The pills are red and blue in color. Then you're given one option to choose between the two.

With the blue pill, if you decide to pick it, no matter how old you are, you would automatically return to 10 years with all the knowledge you have acquired now with all your entire memory intact. You would have the opportunity to make certain decisions which you did not make in your previous life.

For instance if in your first life you missed the opportunity to become a celebrity, but you missed that chance because you were shy, this time around you know what happened already, so you wouldn't make that mistake. You now have all the knowledge in life.

With the red pill, your life will be fast forwarded to 45 years with $50 million in your account. With this decision, you can have the opportunity to live that dream life you could have never lived if you never had the opportunity to choose the red pill.

Now, the question is which pill would you choose.

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