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Drinking Tea could cut back the danger of This Cancer, Says New Study

One study recently showed that a selected quite tea could stop the formation of painful excretory organ stones. Now, a brand new study suggests that tea could supply some protection against a sort of cancer that affects nearly two hundred,000 new patients per annum.

For a study simply revealed within the British Journal of Nutrition, medicine and medical researchers assessed information from twenty five,000 men UN agency had participated during a larger trial to see the consequences of screening for prostate

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The participants reported their diet habits, that were cross-referenced with medical diagnoses over the course of eleven.5 years. throughout that point, 3,088 of the male participants had been diagnosed with glandular carcinoma.

Interestingly, the boys who'd reported drinking tea the foremost showed a "small however considerably lower risk" of developing glandular carcinoma, compared to men UN agency drink tea the smallest amount.

Even once the researchers factored in age and way, regular tea drinking showed an equivalent result. "In conclusion," the researchers report, "among tea drinkers, there was alittle positive association between drinking tea and a reduced risk of glandular carcinoma."

They note that their findings are not quite overwhelming enough for men UN agency do not drink tea to fireside up the kettle.

However, with Gregorian calendar month as National glandular carcinoma Awareness Month, this might be an honest reminder to travel for your annual medical checkup. it'd even be promising to listen to that if you are already a tea drinker, it's doable you take in advantageous levels of antioxidants and different nutrients—not to say the additional association from that cup that helps keeps the body's systems in balance.

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