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Deal with Ulcer, High BP, Malaria and Insomnia Naturally With the use of Pawpaw Leaf Tea

Deal with Ulcer, High BP, Malaria and Insomnia Naturally With This Pawpaw Leaf Tea

Do you experience the ill effects of any of the previously mentioned conditions? Do the accompanying with pawpaw leaf and you will bid farewell to High circulatory strain, Ulcer, Malaria, Insomnia.

Step by step instructions to Prepare

Get new pawpaw leaves and wash well overall

Put in a pot with clean drinking water and bubble for 20 minutes

Bring down from the fire and permit to cool

Take a portion of a glass consistently before sleep time and rest soundly

Express farewell to


Sleep deprivation


Jungle fever

In the event that you don't share this data now, you may not find it when you want it sometime later.


Pineapple 🍍


Restorative Potash

Extricate Bara, pine apple, sugar stick water, blend everything together,add little potash (kanhun).

( it will make you go to washroom; latrine)

# Cut Bara into pieces, put it inside a plastic holder add 10 solid shapes of sugar with water

#Cut Bara into pieces, cook it with MURU (ask mallam or elewe omo) add water💧 cook for 30 minutes.

Put a shape of sugar into half teacup and drink it for best execution.

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