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We Are Not Done With The Wearing Of Masks. All Covid-19 Protocols Still Hold.

At the end of the year 2019 somewhere in the Wuhan province of China, the first case of the novel Coronavirus was recorded. Within a matter of months, it had become a global pandemic. We were literally on the other side of the planet from Wuhan. But in March 2020, Ghana had to go on lockdown like most other countries around the world, because of the mortality rate of the virus and the rate at which it was spreading.

Along with the lockdown we were still mandated to observe all the other protocols which had been implemented at the onset of the pandemic. That is wearing of face mask, regular washing of hands with soap under running water, sanitizing of hands, and the practice of social distancing when we were in public settings. To tell you the truth it was not easy for anyone, not even the lawmakers and several people flouted the rules, which came with some consequences for some of them as well as a spike in the number of cases.

Then after several months, a vaccine was developed which came with its conspiracy theories amongst others. Eventually, the vaccine was given the green light to be administered to people. That is the stage we find ourselves in now. But for no reason does that mean that we throw away the observance or adherence to the laid down protocols. Because anyone who believes that is the case may not necessarily be putting themselves in danger but their loved ones and those around as well as those they come in contact with.

Let's be practical, the fact that you have a very powerful stain remover does not mean everyone has some. In that same light you may be safe from contracting the virus now because you have been vaccinated, but what about those who have not been lucky enough to receive their vaccines yet. Your disregard for the protocols will endanger their health and thereby their lives. This is the fact which most people are ignoring and therefore abandoning the protocols, by just walking about in public without any regard for the safety protocols.

I believe the relevant authorities should step in and enforce the laid down protocols. Because if care is not taken and things are just left to chance, some of us may not live to regret it. Yes, the wearing of the nose mask is a bit uncomfortable or gets uncomfortable after wearing it for a while, but it's for once own protection and the protection of those around that we continue to adhere to the safety protocols.

Let's be safe. Let's observe the protocols and we will all come out of this pandemic smiling.




Content created and supplied by: Felix_Kwasi_Annan (via Opera News )

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