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New Start For A Good Health


...Cleanliness ,Hygiene & Sanitation .

"-God's remedies are the simple agencies of nature , that will not tax or debilitated the system through their powerful properties .Pure air and water , CLEANLINESS , a proper diet , purity of life , and a firm trust in God , are remedies for the want of which thousands are dying ; yet these remedies are going out of date because their skillful use requires work that the people do not appreciate Fresh air , exercise , pure water , and CLEAN , SWEET PREMISES ,are within the reach of all.." 

"-- the health reform is an important part of the third angel's messagec; and AS A PEOPLE PROFESSING HEALTH REFORM , We should not retrograde , but make continual advancement.." (ML 128.2)

---BIBLE --

Galatians 5:19-21

Now the works of the flesh are manifest , which are these ; Adultery , fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry , witchcraft, hatred , variance, emulations, wrath , strife , seditions, heresies , (21) Envying , murders , drunkenness , revelling , and such like : of the which l tell you before , as ...

-- 2 Corinthians 7:1 -

" Having therefore these promises , dearly beloved , let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh ....

..." We desire to encourage as many as possible to act their part individually healthfully. We desire to encourage the sick to discard the use of drugs , and to substitute the simple remedies provided by God , as they are found in water , in pure air , in exercise , and IN GENERAL HYGIENE." (SAT 289.3)

" Our heavenly Father sees the deplorable condition of men who , many of them ignorantly , are disregarding the principles of hygiene .And it is in love and pity to the race that He causes the light to shine upon health reform .He publishes His law and its penalties , in order that all may learn what is for their highest good .." (CH 21.1)

" The knowledge that man is to be a temple for God , a habitation for the revealing of His glory , should be the highest incentive to the care and development of our physical powers.Fearfully and wonderfully has the Creator wrought in the human frame, and He bids us make it our study , understand its needs , and act our in preserving it from harm and defilement ."(MH 271.1)

"-- Special attention should be paid to ventilation and sanitation. The teacher should put into practical use in the schoolroom the knowledge of the principles of physiology and hygiene .." (CT 297.3)

"-- They need to become acquainted and physiology and hygiene ; they should understand the laws that govern physical life, and their bearing upon the health of mind and soul .. (6T 376.1)

---- MINISTERS ------

" --Here , according to the light that has been given me , there has been a manifest neglect among our people .Ministers sometimes stand in the desk with their hair in disorder , looking as if it had been untouched by comb and brush for a week ..." (2 T 613.2) 

"A great amount of suffering might be saved if all would labor to prevent disease , by strictly obeying the laws of health .Strict habits of cleanliness should be observed .Many , while well , will not take the trouble to keep in a healthy condition .They neglect personal cleanliness , and are not careful to keep their clothing pure .Impurities are constantly and imperceptibly ( CH 61.2)

"--- No decayed matter to be near or on the premises 

.. to be continued 

Thanks to br.. Jones Mokaya 

And Br.Friday (the Bible Worker )

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