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Why You Cannot Fail In Life

As a human as we are, we sometimes go through temporary situations or conditions in which we think all hope is lost. Sometimes things get tougher such that we do not even know whether to go forward or backward, move left or right, up or down. But when things get harder, there is one thing that is assured. Deep downwards inside you is the hope, the spirit that talks to us every day. If you are going through difficulties, and need an uplifting, you are at the right place. Keep in mind that you cannot fail.According to reproductive biologists, after every sexual intercourse, it is estimated that about 200 to 300 million spermatozoa are deposited by a male into his partner. Immediate the sperms are deposited, they begin to swim upwards within the track to meet with the ovum, out of the over millions of sperms that are deposited only 300 to 500 actually reach their destination. Others get tired and die on the way because it is not an easy race, and of the 300 that manages to reach the ovum (egg) or the destination, only one fertilized the egg and in this case, the winning one. That is, you, yes you, the one reading this.

Have you thought about what happened before you were born, you ran and won a race, that is why you are on this earth? You ran without your eyes and legs, without your education and qualifications, and you were emerged as the winner that is the reason why you are here, so what makes you think that you will lose this time?

Now that you have both eyes and legs, the knowledge of God’s word, and you have strategies, and visions, failure is not an option. Beloved, you did not give up on day one, so you cannot give up now, giving up now is not a choice, and it is also an insult to your creator. Walk out boldly and endure to the end because there are better days ahead.          

It doesn’t matter where you are now, take a challenge and always remember that you won from the womb, and you will win here too.

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