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Always Do This Every Morning When You Wake Up

First thing in the morning when you wake up, you need to take in some water. This is very important and should be done by all people. Although, some people may find difficulty in doing so as it isn't part of their usual morning routine. Though, after a long night of sleep, the body essentially loses water and is dehydrated. Drinking water helps replenish what is lost, and could also impact greatly on any sudden activities.

Do not look through your phone. The smart phones in many ways than one, has become addictive. Hence people are found to always go through their phones once they wake up. It is not the right thing to do in terms of health, as the rays and radiation from the phone affects the body in many ways. Best way is to set aside the phone, get up from bed and perform other important tasks.

Avoid doing any harsh work or thinking. The whole purpose of sleeping is to ragain lost energy, and to rest the mind. Performing any difficult task or thinking goes against that purpose. Take your time to restore your energy, freshen up and eat before doing any serious work.

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