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You Will never throw away corn silk again after knowing how important it is to our health.

Corn silk is the long shiny fibre, at the top of an ear of a corn.which is being used as a medicine.

It is used for bladder infections, inflammation of the urinary tract system ,inflammation of the prostates, kidney stones and bed-wetting. It can also be used to treat congestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure ,fatigue and high cholesterol level.

Side effects

It seems to be safe for most people it to causes skin rashes, itchiness, allergies and decrease potassium levels in the blood for some people.

Uses of corn silk.

To treat rashes and boils

Corn silk use to treat skin disorders such as rashes, boils and helps relieving itching and pain caused by insect bite ,scraps and minor cut.

it also prevent infection because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Provide nutrients

It is a powerhouse of nutrients such as a beta carotene, riboflavin menthol and among other important nutrients which cannot be found in all plant foods.

Increase urine

It is an effective natural remedy for kidney problems, because it helps in increasing urine flow which flashes out toxic and other harmful substances that may cause kidney disorders.

It controls bleeding

It is a rich source of vitamin K, this vitamin helps to control bleeding especially for women who is going through child birth.

Help cope with kidney problems.

It is highly effective remedy to conditions related to the kidney including urinary tract infections ,bladder infections ,kidney stones and others.

Provides vitamin C

The vitamin C is very powerful, that help to prevent the damage of free radicals and cardiovascular disease. It stimulate blood circulation also.

Treats bed-wetting

This is a common problem faced by children and adult corn silk tea is very effective home remedy for bedwetting drinking one cup of concept tea before going to bed treat this problem.

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