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Don’t panic if your baby swallows a coin or bone, do these 3 things to remove the bone or coin

Babies cannot speak hence they can neither complain about what hurts them or even choose what they want to be done to them and as such it is up to the mother, father or let’s say parent or guardian to be able study your baby’s day to day activity in order for them to be able to be comfortable.

Choking is one of the most underrated causes of death in babies and it is mostly due to as a result of carelessness, ignorance and in orderliness of arranging small swallowable objects in the living rooms and babies playgrounds.

Let us get to know a few traditional methods used in removing choked objects such as bones and toys from the throats of babies without any complications.

1.Vomiting: One way to bring out a chosen object from the drop of a baby or infant is by causing the child to vomit out the object, this is done by giving him or her a few (2) small spoons of vegetable oil which will cause him to vomit it out in no time.

2.A few doses or tea spoons of lactose syrup will also cause the babe to have feeling of visiting the toilet( wishes to shit) and in the process if it is a coin it will smoothly flow out from his rectum.

3.The traditional method of curing stomach upsets where our mothers or grandmothers normally use cauldron pot with a concoctions and with the help of a turkey berry (English name for Bentua is turkey berry) they put it into the rectum causing us to run to the toilet. This method is also effective if the coin has been swallowed below the throat and may be lying somewhere in the large intestines.

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