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Health Benefits Of Cassava Leafs For Both Men And Women.

Cassava is a starchy food with it's leafs known to have several essential nutrients in them such as carbohydrates, Fibers , Vitamins A and B1 ,just to mention a few. These nutrients makes Cassava very valuable.

In this article we are going to be discussing some health benefits of cassava for both men and women.

•Helps Treat Rheumatic Diseases:

Rheumatic diseases is a continuation which refers to diseases pertaining to the muscles and joints such lupus and arthritis. Cassava leaves are well fortified with magnesium and magnesium leads to helps lower your blood pressure hence reduce the chance of getting rheumatic diseases.

•Heal Wounds:

Smearing crushed cassava leaves on your wounds help them to heal much faster.

Develops Appetite:

Drinking cassava leaves with ginger early in the morning sets your appetite for the day. Lack of appetite would not be a problem.

Beneficial For Pregnant Women:

Pregnant women requires lots of vitamin C as well as folate. These two supplements are suggested right from the beginning of gestation period.

Strengthens Immunity:

Vitamin C which can be found cassava leaves and is very good for the immune system in fighting bacterias and viruses.



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Cassava Heal Wounds


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