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Health: 5 Good Reasons Why egg should be added to your daily diets

One of the animal proteins that is good for consumption is egg. Its benefits are uncountable. Due to its rich nutritional content, it is recommended by nutritionists to consume egg everyday. There has been a lot of myths surrounding the consumption of egg but this article will burst them and show you the reason why eating egg is good for the human body.

Generally, eggs are highly nutritious and contain all the nutrients required. Though it is very nutritious but it should be eaten in moderation, at least once per day is enough for the body. Some of the high nutrients contained in egg are the B vitamins such as B2, B12, B7 and B5. It also contains iodine, choline selenium, protein, Vitamin A and D. There are several other rich nutrients contained in a whole single egg. They are also rich in amino acids.

Why Should I Eat Egg Daily

1. They Promote eye Health

Eggs are very good for the eye and prevents the eye from many health conditions. They contain high levels of anti-oxidants called lutein and Zeaxanthin which fight against fee radicals in the eye. Free radicals are atoms that are responsible for aging as a result of oxidative stress or damage. So eating eggs will produce these antioxidants that will prevent the eye from diseases that are related to age, example macular degeneration that leads to blindness.

2. Brain Function / Development

A whole egg is rich in nutrient known as choline and choline is very essential for the development of the brain. Choline is very good for the brain and it helps the brain to function well. The B Vitamins in the egg also support mental health which prevents stress, anxiety and depression.

3. Good for the heart

There is what we call High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). The high density is described as the good cholesterol while the low density is the bad cholesterol. Eggs raise the level of HDL which is very good for the heart and its muscles and also protect the heart from certain diseases.

4. Good source of Vitamin D

Eggs are good source of Vitamin D that help to correct patient who are deficient in that vitamin. Low levels of Vitamin D leads to bone diseases such as Osteoarthritis. There is also muscle and joint pains. Taking enough eggs can correct such ailments and other conditions that are related to lack of Vitamin D. Most especially when children are given eggs daily, it prevents them from bone disease known as Rickets.

5. Repair Worn-Out Muscle and Tissue

Eggs contain high level of proteins which are building blocks of life. The high protein in eggs help build the body and also repair every worn-out tissue and muscle. Since the body suffers from internal and external stress, it is important to eat eggs to rebuild, and also support effective muscle growth, repair and maintenance.

There are thousand and one reasons and benefits why you should eat eggs regularly. It is obviously clear that, adding eggs to your daily diets support the body and the whole being for optimum growth.

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