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The Effects And Impact of Covid 19 To Nigerian Health

The Covid-19 virus has created many negatives effects on many countries accross the globe. It has also spread it boundaries to many countries including the West African Countries. In this very article particularly, we are going to consider the effects or impact of Covid 19 to Nigerian Health.

Although we all know that the virus created negative impact on the health of the country Nigerians, but I will say it has also created positive effects. It has created positive effects because, from the government to the people in the street has realize the importance of health and as a result will improve the health system in the country.

The Covid-19 is not just a health pandemic but rather a socio-economic pandemic. The case is that Nigeria was less financed and they weren't able to provide more funds to finance the health sector at that time. We are talking about good remuneration, fixing hospitals, ensuring they have electricity, running water, the right equipment for diagnosis and treatment etc.

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