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If you experience these signs, seek for prompt intervention to prevent erectile dysfunction

The body is designed in such a way that, it will show sign for any abnormality. It is always advised that, whenever the body signals you of any abnormality, you should report to the nearest healthcare facility for treatment to prevent any abnormality or complications.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to sustain erection before or during intercourse. It has foremost signs before it aggravates. Before the condition reaches that stage, there will be an underlying cause. Erectile dysfunction might be a sign of physical or psychological condition. It can cause low self-confidence or esteem, stress and relationships strain.

Signs and symptoms

1. Weak erection

2. Low sex drive

3 Anxiety

4. Inability to get or maintain erection

Causes of erectile dysfunction (physical)

1. High blood or body cholesterol

2. High blood pressure

3. Heart diseases

4. Obesity

5. Atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels)

6. Diabetes

7. Parkisnson's disease

There can also be psychological disorders that happens within the brain. Some of the psychological disorders include anger, anxiety, mood swings etc. Medications that is used to tread hypertension can cause erectile dysfunction.

What to Note

Every man is expected to sustain erection everyday especially early in the morning while there is no emotions attached to it. That is how the system of a man was made. Failure to experience that should be an indicator that, there is dysfunction. However, there should not be delayance in treatment. When symptoms. You may be dealing with erectile dysfunction when the symptoms listed above are present.


Treatment of erectile dysfunction varies and depends on the cause or underlying conditions. After tackling the cause, treatment becomes easier. Doctor also will prescribe medications and other devices that will assist or improve the condition. Medications like vasodilators and hormone therapy will help.

There should also be lifestyle modifications like quiting smoking, alcohol and there should also be regular exercise. Do not forget that, reporting to the facility early helps in treatment.

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