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Nurses should stay away from these things - Opinion

Nurses should stay away from these things - Opinion

A comic reliever is when you need money urgently and finds a simple way to double it. It can be anything that doubles the money for you, but what most youth prefers is to either stake the money as a bet or a lotto. Lotto is an old way of gambling which is still acceptable in many cultures including that of Ghana's. The greater aspect of it is that, it helps you make money faster as it gives you a one hundred percent increase with the money you used to stake, only if you win. But the troubling aspects is when you lose, it can send you into depression which will destroy your mental well being or perhaps destroying your mood for the entire day or even week. So when I see health workers who should know better about emotions, psychology and mental health practising Lotto, it gives me greater concerns for the safety of the people who are under the care of these health workers.

Imagine these health workers staking 20cedis each of lotto with their respective numbers, and having the determination of winning because every gambler believes they will win. If they win, they will surely get a One Hundred Percent increase of their money, so staking a lotto with 20cedis, will bring you 2000cedis when you win. The higher you win depends on the amount of money you used in staking the lotto. Now if these health workers have the assurance of winning and they do not win, just imagine the disappointment and the worries they will develop over their losses.

With such disappointments, one can even administer the wrong drugs to you which might take your life, because they will not be concentrating due to the losses they have incurred because of the lotto. Lotto is a game that can be very addictive because of the promises of a hundred per cent increases with whatever you stake, so nurses will end up been stacked to these gambling habits if they are not educated to desist from such behaviours.

It is not an enterprise that one can do with a genuine hearts because you will need more defeats before winning and sometimes, you might win and rather end up using all your wins for it because of the addiction the fame brings. It will distract nurses from their duties as health professionals which might increase the death rate so, in other not to get health complications from health care workers, nurses should desist from staking lotto. 

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