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The youngest record breaker;Meet the world's most tiny baby born on 26 weeks.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.Research has shown that,a lot of people who are born in such time period dont make it.But little Mina has proven everyone wrong with her story.As a baby,she has broken record as the most tiny baby to ever hit earth.Born with a birth weight of 376grams at monash medical centre in Melbourne on April via emergency cesarean.

A lot of factors comes into play in determining the weight of a baby.The greater part takes place from the third trimester.Though a lot of factors contribute to either having a small or a big baby and they include diseases or abnormality of the uterus,nutritional factors of the pregnant woman,genetic factors and racial factors .Asians tend to have small babies.

The baby suffered serious chronic lung cancer as well as multiple number of infections.But the little warrior fight to life with the support of her parents who never gave up on her.After five months of delivery,she was back to normal like a normal term baby and was discharged from the hospital.Use her ordeal to motivate yourself into fighting for what you believe in.Never be dismayed by any circumstances or harm you may find yourself in.Never give up.Thanks for reading.

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