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The State Our World Finds ItSelf During This Coronavirus Pandemic

No one knew that that COVID-19 would spread and infect everyone like this, a new year started, everyone is happy, hoping for change and then COVID-19 happened. It is a real mess right now, so many are suffering, dying from hunger, nurses and doctors are risking their own lives to help everyone yet every day hundreds of people get infected, so many businesses shut down, countries are slowly going into poverty, millions have lost their jobs. Is this how our stories would come to an end? No this is just the beginning.

2020 is pretty much the worse year for everyone, Covid-19 happened, natural disasters occurred, so much of our planned activities were postponed, and many more. But now things are slowly changing, remember that as long as the virus is everywhere, every year will be like this so we need to do our best to not get infected and help those who are in need. We must fight because if we give up, that is it, everyone will die, the future will be no more. We need to be full of hope and prove that this pandemic wo not beat us. Students like me have been affected by this pandemic badly, minors are not allowed to go outside and to learn and study the place to be is a school with your teacher to guide you but since we are quarantined, that is not possible. We can not give up because we have dreams that we need to accomplish to make this world a better place for everyone so we did not give up. For now, classes are very distanced but we are learning online through various apps. We are using technology to learn and to use it to our advantage in learning, so if you think this pandemic is going to stop us from learning, then you better think twice because right now we are close to having 3rd quarter classes, yes there are some connection problems but we will find a way to learn properly and one day we will finally get to learn in school again. Learning is not the same because for us students, it is fun to learn with our friends and do various fun activities with the whole class like playing soccer, painting, running around the entire oval track until we get tired. It might not be the same but things will change for the better in the future.

Now according to the World Health organization, this virus is very transmittable through the air and physical contact, meaning going outside is risking your very life every single second. A solution to this problem has been made and PPEs are now sold to everyone so the chances of getting infected while wearing proper PPE is very low. It is hard going outside and going back in every day knowing that you Will get infected just by doing one mistake so how do we get groceries, appliances, and other things that we need? Through online shops, but you need to make sure that it's 100% legit before you buy it. So we all know that so many businesses shut down and selling things outside is quite the risk so what do we do? Online selling. This has been used even before the pandemic ever happened and now is the perfect time to use this because going outside might get you infected. Buying and selling things online is easy, just remember to sanitize the item because that item traveled to many places before it got to your place so to avoid getting infected, sanitize the item first. These options might not cure the pandemic but you should know that there are different vaccines right now for covid-19, and now all that is left to do is help those who got infected. Now you might be thinking, this pandemic made going outside harder, right? Which means there will be less and less pollution on earth. We use vehicles that release dirty air and we humans pollute the earth so staying inside our houses helped the environment. How about people who need help like orphans, the elderly, and homeless people? We can donate money and things online now and the things we donated shall be delivered to them properly, we do not have to go outside to help people, not going outside is already helping our front liners and they need a long break after this pandemic is done.

You will see, that after these darkest hours, the strongest storms, and the challenges we face, there will be light and peace throughout the whole world. We should never give up, this pandemic is just a challenge in life we need to face and after we beat it, we will be stronger than ever. There will always be hope and light in our hearts and our minds, God loves us and will never give up on us, and now we should change for the better. We should learn from our mistakes for it to not happen again. We humans might not be perfect but we try to be better than we are before and remember this, we are capable of doing so many wonderful things for everyone than we think we are.

Content created and supplied by: Gordenbliss (via Opera News )



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