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Check out covid-19 current update from the Ghana health services

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Covid 19 has been with us for over a year now since its discovery in December 2019. And it has ever since become a part of our daily lives.

Though excessive work is being made by health workers ground on ground to the help eliminate this virus totally.

The covid 19 vaccination exercise going on nationwide has been a good help to us and alongside the covid safety protocols we observe because it has helped eradicate fear from Ghanaians.

Ghana is still in the woods of covid despite the vaccination exercise as at today, Ghana's active cases stands at 1,350 and also 74 newly recorded cases and total confirmed cases at 91,783

This means extra caution needs to taken against covid as we need to ensure the strict adherence of the covid safety protocols to avoid the third waves of covid striking us again.

But as we are not yet out of the woods, we are always advised to ensure strict adherence to the covid safety protocols though vaccination exercise has gone on through out the whole nation let's always be on the and watch out for ourselves and family members.

# MASK UP to save a life.

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