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RIP: Double Tragedy as a Mother Dies Days After Being Informed About Her Daughter's Death

Rael Aketch had traveled to Saudi Arabia in search of work, better life and greener pastures, but she was found dead in the house where she was working as a house help her boss found her dead and reported it. Joyce Felecia, her mother, fell on the ground and fainted when she learned of her daughter's death and was brought to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

She was proclaimed dead, with the doctors that she had fallen into a coma and died four days later. They also discovered that veins in her back of skull had burst, allowing blood to stream into her brain. She couldn't bear the pain of knowing her only child, her world is dead who had gone to Saudi tp make their lives better. Her died since 2021 she was just been informed and her body yet to be sent to them.

Doctors discovered that she had high blood pressure, her veins at the back of her head had burst, causing blood to leak into her brain. this is how daughter and mother died. What exactly do African ladies see in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries they always trooping out to work as a house help and still get killed. 

Why are they killing our ladies and why can't they give them better job other than house help, make them their slaves, dogs, sex object or whatever, Why can't Africa develop. How can a vibrant lady die mysterious and nothing to link to her death. May their souls rest in peace. 

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