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Kidney Stones-All Kidney Failures Cured Forever With Stone Breaker (You Will Thank Me Later)

Many are suffering from kidney stone and kidney failure due to excessive consumption of sweet foods, salty and highly spiced foods in the system. Very high percentage of people in the country are daily admitted at the hospital for emergency dialysis every day.

Beloved never joke with your kidneys, take care of them by practising a healthy diet always because many are on weekly dialysis paying a thousand five hundred Ghana cedis or a hundred and fifty dollars, which many do not afford and lose their lives.

I am Israel Nwanwani, because l love my readers, I am uncovering to you the perfect remedy I have used to cure thousands and still counting at my herbal center.

(This wonderful plant)is also known as stone breaker. It is normally found in tropical rain forest and environment in villages and towns and it has many health benefits and healing properties and can heal uncountable ailments including the most dangerous kidney failure.

If you appreciate this article kindly like,share and follow for more insightful herbal remedy and you can contact me for any information and elaborations on zero five four one twenty twenty two fifty one. If you always experience sharp pains at the right and left back of your stomach,then you are reminded of a kidney problem and also if you are always experiencing itching skin and frequent urinating, go for an immediate check up and apply this remedy and you shall be well.

Iterms needed:-(1) Stone Breaker

(2)Ripe lemon

(3) Honey

Preparation: Boil the stone breaker with the sliced ripe lemon for about twenty minutes and drop it from the fire to cool and mixe ten spoons of honey.

Dosage: Take half cup in the morning on empty stomach and another in the evening before meal.

Content created and supplied by: Nwanwani (via Opera News )

Israel Nwanwani Kidney


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